Get involved


What can you do right now?


StreetWise will become self-sustaining within months of launching, as revenue from advertising will fund our overheads and expansion costs. Even though we have received private investment and a small grant from the Peter Kershaw Trust, additional support is welcome either in the form of a financial donation, donation of equipment or your time as a volunteer.

If you would like to give your support, you can donate through our MyDonate site, by clicking the button below.

If you would like to donate equipment, please contact us via

Below is our hit list to be able to launch our pilot office in Manchester.  We will welcome time, skills, equipment or financial donations towards enabling us to launch.  

  • £5 will by a StreetVest
  • £10 will buy 100 StreetWise ID cards
  • £12 will buy 100 SgtreetWise ID card holders
  • £25 will buy 100 StreetWise ID card holder lanyards
  • £40 will pay for a filing cabinet
  • £70 will pay for a cash drop safe
  • £80 will pay for 1000 copies of StreetWise weekly to be printed
  • £100 will pay for a desk
  • £125 will pay for a CCTV and door access system
  • £250 will buy 1 x handheld PDA for stock control
  • £300 will buy 1 x Adobe InDesign training course for publications layout
  • £300 will by 3 x desktop PCs, monitors, keyboards and mice
  • £400 will buy a printer/scanner/copier
  • £700 will pay for 12 months phone/broadband rental
  • £1,300 will buy a digital identity card system with badges, badge holders and lanyards for our vendors
  • £1,500 will lease one of our satellite station vans for 6 months
  • £1,600 will pay for a deposit and 1st month’s rent on a premises in Manchester city centre
  • £3,000 will cover shop fitting and signage

You will be able donate online directly to your chosen vendor’s community reward fund or donate generally to the fund.


What can you do once we have launched?

Buy from a StreetWise Programme Participant (SPP)

This will be the ultimate way for people to get involved.  Buying any publications from an SPP will be beneficial for them.  It will build confidence, self-esteem and boost aspiration.  Buying StreetWise will help the community reward fund grow and buying Stood Down, Under the Rainbow and Crash will help the health and wellbeing funds grow.

Subscribe by post or online

If you can’t buy a copy of StreetWise or its supplements from one of our SPPs, you will be able to subscribe by post or online.  The cost of your subscription will be added to the community reward fund and health and wellbeing fund.


Volunteers will be an integral part of the StreetWise system.  To ensure that the funds our SPPs benefit from grow most effectively, we will operate on a staff headcount which will ensure our infrastructure can function but no more.  We will welcome and encourage the involvement of volunteers in our Manchester Hub and our Satellite locations in Bolton, Bury, Blackburn and Preston, also in Stockport, Wythenshawe, Stoke-on-Trent, and Crewe. Volunteers will be invited to donate as much time as they are able to – whether that is a few days a year or several days per week – and they will be an integral part of our organisation.  If you would like to volunteer in a StreetWise region, please e-mail


The best way for news to spread is people power.  The power of sharing – Tweets, Facebook pages and posts, and by word of mouth – is valuable to us raising awareness of StreetWise and will be invaluable to our SPPs.  The more their profile is raised, the better they will do on the programme. Spreading the StreetWise word will build a strong community with our SPPs at its centre.

Become a partner

We would not be able to operate without partners; partners to refer their clients to us, partners we can refer our SPPs to; any organisation with whom we can have a productive relationship with for the benefit of our SPPs, staff and volunteers.  Third sector homeless service providers, healthcare and wellbeing providers, training and education providers, debt and financial advisers, legal advisers, careers advisers and prospective employers, and housing sector organisations will all operate as our partners.

Start-up partners

StreetWise welcomes enquiries regarding start-up investment from private individuals or organisations.  Start-up partners will be featured on our website and in our weekly publication.

If you think your organisation could have a mutually productive relationship with StreetWise, please contact us via