StreetWise SPPs

Becoming a StreetWise programme participant

The StreetWise programme is for homeless individuals who do not want to be homeless.

Individuals who are sleeping rough, in a hostel, a squat, temporary homeless housing provision, or sofa surfing, and do not have any children for whom they are a primary carer, can be referred to StreetWise through third sector service providers.

For example, charities and organisations who provide food, shelter, personal items, advice and other services to homeless people.

We believe that because homeless service providers build relationships with their clients and come to know them, then they are best placed to put forward anyone they believe would engage with the StreetWise programme.

Armed forces veterans, upon referral to StreetWise, will be offered the services of our National Veterans Liaison Officer (NVLO), who will provide support and advice on any health and wellbeing needs, and assistance with obtaining any records or information needed by a veteran referral in relation to their service.

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SPP agreement

New SPPs will be required to sign an agreement.  The agreement lays out the terms of selling StreetWise and its supplements, details on the community reward fund, the health and well being funds, and the SPP pledge of commitment.  New SPPs will be required to read and confirm they understand the terms of the agreement before they sign.


SPP commitment

The StreetWise pledge of commitment represents their commitment to StreetWise. This is designed to promote good practice among our SPPs, which in turn benefits StreetWise readers, whom we view as part of our StreetWise community. Some of its requirements are that SPPs be sober and drug free when purchasing copies of StreetWise and selling StreetWise to the public; to not behave or speak abusively to StreeWiise staff, volunteers, members of the public, or to each other; wear their StreetWise badge so it is visible to the public and wear their StreetVest whilst selling StreetWise; not pass on copies of StreetWise to another SPP or non-SPP; take pride in representing and being part of the StreetWise community.


StreetWise commitment to our SPPs

StreetWise is committed to empowering our SPPs by enabling them to earn an income, save into their community reward fund for their future, and giving them an opportunity, through featuring in StreetWise, through their promotional videos, and through building relationships with their customers, to tell their own stories. StreetWise will appreciate, celebrate and encourage the efforts of our SPPs and the value they bring to the StreetWise community.


Recommended guide for StreetWise people

Many of our SPPs will be trying to rebuild their lives and their confidence, so here are a few tips to help you to help them:

  • Combating awkwardness: our SPPs will be trained to sell StreetWise passively, therefore it won’t be necessary to engage with an SPP if you do not wish to purchase StreetWise or one of its supplements.
  • Don’t feel obligated to make an excuse.  Keep our SPPs’ confidence up by avoiding telling them you have already bought a copy, bought it from someone else, or have no change.
  • Offers of refreshments or food will be appreciated but to avoid waste, please ask them first.  They would much rather you not waste your money and not waste what you give.
  • Feel free to be friendly but keep it short and sweet.  Please don’t feel offended if an SPP seems anxious if you chat to them, they will be trying to make the most of their working day and will worry that they are missing sales.
  • Because our SPPs will be homeless, they will often be vulnerable. If you are concerned about an SPP, please contact us and we will follow-up.  If you wish, ask for a mobile number so you can keep in touch; become an SPP guardian.


We appreciate that SPPs will occupy space in communities and we want them to build positive relationships with the general public.  SPPs have to commit to a code of conduct, so let us know if:

  • An SPP appears intoxicated
  • You are asked to pay more than the cover price for StreetWise or its supplements
  • You witness an SPP being abusive to anyone
  • An SPP is sitting down while selling
  • They are not displaying their StreetWise i.d. card nor wearing their tabard
  • You notice an SPP where there isn’t usually one


If you have any comments or questions about any of our SPPs, we invite you to e-mail us on