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The StreetWise programme and community reward fund

The StreetWise programme is designed to encourage participants to build up a fund towards the cost of debt reconciliation, training and education and securing accommodation and/or set up costs.  The programme works over a maximum 5 year period. StreetWise programme participants (SPPs) are required to sign an agreement, embedded within which is a pledge to act within our participation rules, and the terms and conditions of the programme. SPPs pay 50p per copy for StreetWise and sell it for a cover price of £1. All the money an SPP pays for StreetWise is added to the community reward fund in their name.  They will be saving as they earn.

Reward funds can be boosted by donations from the general public.  If you build up a relationship with a particular SPP and would like to contribute towards their reward fund, you will be able to donate online, using the SPP’s unique code which you will find on the front cover of all publications.  No tips! Be StreetWise and instead donate.  Readers can also susbscribe to our publications online, the proceeds of which will be credited to the community reward fund or health and wellbeing fund.

After a qualifying period of 3 months from the date they sign their agreement, SPPs can choose to claim their fund at any time.  At this point they will have access to their reward fund for education and training, debt clearance, accommodation, furniture and domestic appliances. SPPs will not be paid directly from their reward fund, instead, Streetwise will pay providers and suppliers directly on their behalf.

SPPs will be able to stop selling StreetWise and its supplements at any point, but need to have completed 3 months of the programme to qualify for any applicable reward fund. Once an SPP receives their reward fund they cannot return to the StreetWise vendor programme.  


The health and wellbeing fund

This fund will be built up from the sale of Stood Down, Under the Rainbow, Crash and any surplus from the community reward fund.  The fund will provide health and wellbeing courses for our SPPs while on the programme. 

Many SPPs may have problems with mental health, alcohol and substance abuse. When they start the programme our focus will be on improving health and wellbeing, while encouraging them to sell our publications as much as they are able. Although our focus will turn to education and training after the initial 3 months, we will still continue to fund healthcare and wellbeing courses for certain SPPs where needs are identified.


Bridging Gaps

Bridge Gaps is an initiative which will attempt to facilitate reconciliation between SPPs and their families/friends.  

The name Bridging Gaps is a ‘Royal Engineer’ take on closing the gap for StreetWise SPPs who have become estranged from their family and friends. SPPs will be informed about the initiative when they sign-up to the StreetWise programme, and given the option for us to act on their behalf to try and reconnect them using whatever tools of communication prove available.

If SPPs are reconciled with a partner, family or friends within that first 12 months and they are no longer homeless and leave the programme, they will have the option to rejoin if they become homeless once more.