Is StreetWise a social enterprise?

No.  A social enterprise is a business.  StreetWise has been set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee (non-profit) and a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  WeAreStreetWise Limited is our publishing company with a board of volunteer non-Executive Directors.  StreetWise is our charity and our SPPs will become members and voting members through building their own funding for their courses and rehousing.  Our structure enables StreetWise to operate with some of the features and flexibility of a business, such as employing staff, owning property, and can also have a diverse and flexible Board of Trustees.

Do you have to be homeless to be a StreetWise participate in the programme?

Yes.  StreetWise programme participants (SPPs) have to be sleeping rough, in squats, night shelters, hostels, sofa surfing, or in unsecure homeless accommodation.

How do you become an SPP?

StreetWise has formed alliances with third sector homeless charities and military charities who are invited to refer suitable clients to the StreetWise programme.  Only referrals via this route will be accepted.  

What happens if a new SPP doesn’t have any money to buy publications?

All new SPPs will be given 50 free copies of StreetWise to help them become established.

Will StreetWise SPPs be self-employed?

SPPs will be responsible for paying their own income tax if their earnings exceed the current personal allowance, and National Insurance.  

What will happen to the money SPPs pay for publications?

All money received from SPPs for the purchase of StreetWise and its supplements, Stood Down, Under the Rainbow, and Crash, will be added to the charity’s community reward fund and health and well being funds.

How will StreetWise pay its administration costs and overheads?

Our administration costs and overheads will be paid for by advertising revenue.

Will the money for the services provided by the community reward fund and health and well being funds get paid to the SPPs?

No.  None of the fund monies will be paid to SPPs.  Instead, they will paid directly to the service provider or supplier.

Will SPPs be taxed on the money they get from the community reward fund and health and well being funds?

No.  Charitable awards are not subject to tax.

If I buy from an SPP, will I have to take a copy?

Our SPPs will be selling a product, not begging, and you should take your purchase.  You might even enjoy reading what’s inside.  The StreetWise system will work at its best when SPPs sell every copy they buy and return for more stock.  The more they sell, the more the community reward and health and well being funds will grow.

Will it be okay to tip an SPP?

We realise that SPPs and readers may build a relationship and it’s nice to give a little extra money sometimes.  However, if you would like to give extra to your SPP, please think about donating to the community reward fund using your SPP’s code.  You can do this through MyDonate and add the SPP’s code to the comment box.

How do I know an SPP won’t spend their money on alcohol or drugs?

You don’t.  We are realistic enough to acknowledge that some of our SPPs will have challenges with alcohol or substances.  This is why we will offer access to, and encourage participation in, health well being courses during their time on the programme.

How will  I be able to buy StreetWise, Stood Down, Under the Rainbow, or Crash if I can’t buy from an SPP?

You will be able to subscribe online to any of our publications and nominate an SPP to receive the cost of your subscription into their fund. Alternatively, you can opt for the cost of your subscription to be added to the fund in general.  If you do not have a local SPP, you will be able to find out more about SPPs in your area through our regional Facebook pages.